Armenia in winter means New Year fairs, ski and cable cars among snow-covered mountains, hot springs and much more. The average temperature in winter is from -5°C to 10°C. All sights are open for tourists.

Armenia is unspoiled nature of incredible beauty, ancient temples, hospitality of locals and majestic Ararat!

The history of Armenia dates back several thousand years, starting with the state of Urartu.

Sevan is a lake with clear water, located at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level, surrounded by mountains and forests.

In 301, King Tiridates III was the first in the world to declare Christianity as the state religion.

Here you can feel the majesty of nature while under the giant basalt crystals.

Learn the history of the genocide of the Armenian people.

For outdoor enthusiasts, there’s horseback riding, zip-lining in the mountains, climbing and more…

Take a ride on the longest cable car in the world, a 12-minute journey will take you to the unique Tatev Monastery, built on a mountain in the 9th century.

The absence of heavy industries and Armenia’s favorable climate make it an ideal place to grow fruits and vegetables without the use of fertilizers.

Taste all the varieties at the Ararat Brandy Factory, as well as visit numerous private wineries.

Jermuk, Shaki, Trchkan waterfalls impress with their unusualness, beauty and crystal clear water surrounded by rocks.

There is a village of storks in Armenia called Surenavan, there is literally a stork nest on every post.

Mount Aragats will surprise you not only with its magnificent views, monasteries and observatory but also with its anomalous gravity, where water flows upwards.


What to do in Armenia

Armenia is a country with an amazing and rich history and a hospitable population.
Monasteries and atmospheric places with centuries-old history. Active vacations, zip-lines among the mountains, climbing and water activities on Lake Sevan.
Art lovers will enjoy the Opera and Ballet Theater (ballet Gayane, Nutcracker, Giselle), Sergey Parajanov Museum, amazing Matenadaran Manuscripts Museum.
Children will be fascinated by numerous parks, entertainment complexes and master classes.

Amazing nature

Armenia is located at an altitude of 1000-2000 meters above sea level. Wherever you go, you will enjoy picturesque landscapes: mountains, gorges, plains, lakes and bubbling mountain rivers, waterfalls and mineral water springs.

Here you can see unique creations of nature: Basalt pillars “Symphony of Stones”, volcanic mountain Gutanasar, picturesque and peaceful waterfalls such as Shaki, Jermuk waterfall.

Wine and cuisine

The village of Areni has been producing wine for over 6000 years. In Armenia you will learn about the history of wine, modern technologies and can try yourself as a winemaker. You can also visit excursions to the Ararat and Noi wineries, of course with tasting.

Armenia has a huge number of restaurants and cafes. The national cuisine of Armenia includes such dishes as lavash, kofta, khash, khorovats, dolma – Armenian stuffed cabbage made of grape leaves and many others, prepared from fresh and organic products.

History and culture

The history of the Armenian nation begins in the VI-V century BC and is a continuation of the even more ancient Urartu culture. Yerevan is more than 2700 years old! In Zvartnots Temple, Haghartsin Monastery, Khor Virap and Geghard Monastery carved in the rock you can see the evidence of ancient history.

According to legend, during the Flood Noah’s Ark stopped at Mount Ararat and Moses planted the first vine there, the name of Mount Ararat became known to the world thanks to the Bible.

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